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Update, Edit, Update

by Steve Dearden

Ilkley — As I wrote my commission for Wakefield Litfest last year, Wakelost Wakefound, I found myself writing more and more on screen. I don’t just mean on the computer, I mean in WordPress, pushing Update and rereading on the site, then going back into Edit Page to work the text, updating and rereading, then back to Edit. I found it impossible to write this piece in the normal way I would write, offline...

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Waking Up to Hateful Tweets. Internet Trolls and What To Do When You Find Yourself in a Fight You Can't Win.

by Charlie Grosso

Lincoln city — I just had my first experience with Internet Trolling. A story I wrote for Yahoo Travel about traveling in Pakistan has been misinterpreted by some. I woke up to nasty tweets and emails. I thought lo...

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Life's stagehands

by Colin Wright

Butterworth — We live in a world where just about anyone can take center-stage at any time. You don’t even have to plan for it, sometimes; upload the wrong (right?) photo, and boom, you could become a meme overnig...

reflections, Internet, Mortality

All Good Things Must Come To An End

by Christopher Giffard

Crows nest — On the eve of’s imminent shutdown, I felt I should log in to leave some parting thoughts. There’s a poignant finality to such a definite, scheduled end… and something darkly mortal about the i...

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