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Corporate, Japanese, Cultural differences

Learning to read the air

by Luis Mendo

Tokyo — Although I have been working for Japan for years now, all of my clients were gaijins residing here. Today I had my first visit to a proper Japanese client, a corporation in Minato-ku, filled with salary men in a grey building. I was a little nervous: Nervous I wouldn’t bow enough, or too much, or in the wrong moment. Nervous I would not give my meishi – business card – in the proper, two-handed wa...

Japanese, nature

The neighbors keep to themselves.

by Ryan Ruel

Hakone — There is nothing surprising about a Japanese ryokan visit in Hakone. That is, beyond your first adventure — there is nothing surprising, and the experience is seemingly engineered to this purpose. An...

Cherry Blossoms, nature, Japanese

Nakameguro looking all majestic n' shit.

by Ryan Ruel

Tokyo — ↓

Calligraphy, Typography, Japanese

The practice is all that remains.

by Chris Palmieri

Tokyo — I remember a strong separation between practice and performance. Practice was private and ephemeral — the place you made all of your discoveries and mistakes. Performance was planned, shared, capture...

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