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Holding on to These Ordinary Days.

by Charlie Grosso

Chitral — The phone pings. It must be time to get up. It’s still dark out but its winter and the alarm is meant to be early. It’s breaking news from the BBC app and not the alarm. I must change the setting. It’s only 1:30am. 145 people are dead in a terrorist attack. Taliban. Peshawar. Dead school children. The objective is to kill as many as possible. This is not about hostages and demands. Terror. There...

Life, Adventure, Journalism

Now, Next Week, the Week After and Sometime in the Future. Writing a will and I'm only 36.

by Charlie Grosso

New york — I open to the content page for this year’s The Best American Travel Writing. Amanda Lindhout’s story on being kidnapped in Mogadishu for 460 Days caught my eye. That story was my bedtime reading a few...

Military Coup, Journalism, A day in the life

The Night of the Coup

by Charlie Grosso

Istanbul — It was a simple Friday night. Watermelon and rum; roasted chicken salad and take out pizza; friends and a rooftop. We had just finished dinner and moved out of the oven-like kitchen to the rooftop whe...

Journalism, Internet

Waking Up to Hateful Tweets. Internet Trolls and What To Do When You Find Yourself in a Fight You Can't Win.

by Charlie Grosso

Lincoln city — I just had my first experience with Internet Trolling. A story I wrote for Yahoo Travel about traveling in Pakistan has been misinterpreted by some. I woke up to nasty tweets and emails. I thought lo...

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