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Kerala, India, yoga

Yoga On A Beach

by Dallas Sanders

Thiruvananthapuram — Breath in. Hold. Breath out. Breath in. Hold. Breath out. All I can hear is the waves from the near by beach. There is a gentle breeze. It’s the top of my hotel. It’s a completely different experience than the sterile yoga studios of Hong Kong or Seoul. The mat is a towel. The sounds are coming from the yoga instructor chanting. There is no pumped in sounds of water and wind since I’m surrounded ...

Good Morning, Views from a train, Kerala

Early morning stillness, as seen from a train

by Abhishek L

Feroke — I woke up to this view early in the morning, traveling to that little dot on the map, where I have almost spent about three quarters of my life. A train journey through Kerala, involves some places l...

Culture, Kerala, Public Performance

Melasagaram, 1000 Performers

by Nishad TR

Koyilandy — Chenda Melam 1 (Chenda Performance, ചെണ്ടമേളം) lead by Kalamandalam Sivadas (കലാമണ്ഢലം 2 ശിവദാസ്). The performance was by 1000 artists with Chenda 3 (ചെണ്ട), Elathalam 4 (ഇലത്താളം), Kuzhal 5 (കുഴൽ), a...

India, Backwaters, Kerala

Backwaters of India

by Dallas Sanders

Kumarakom — India was everything I wasn’t expecting. I was expecting to find massive poverty but I didn’t. I thought I would see massive amounts of people like in China, but I didn’t. All I saw was the green of t...

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