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disaster, Korea, Sadness

Nation in Mourning

by Dallas Sanders

Gunsan-si — The trip began with a baseball game full of dancing girls, loud music, highly choreographed cheers from the home town Samsung Lions vs the Doosan Bears. The air was crisp and the stadium was full of fun on Tuesday night. Last night I went to another game of the Bears vs the Hanwha Eagles. There were no music, people didn’t clap home runs, no dancing girls, no t-shirt cannons, there was nothing. I ...

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teaching, Korea

Hee Ra

by Dallas Sanders

Yongin-si — Hee Ra was a student of mine over 9 years ago at Namsangho Language Institute in Bundang Korea. She, and her family, have been gracious enough to let me stay with them while visiting Seoul. It has bee...

Korea, Job Hunt

Hanyang University

by Dallas Sanders

Seoul — I spent two years teaching here at Hanyang University on a part time bases. It was a great chance to teach older students and lead to my next job at Kunsan National University. I’m very thankful for t...

Korea, Food

Back to HK

by Dallas Sanders

Incheon — Last meal in Korea. It’s been an amazing trip back. I’ve loved meeting so many old friends, being nostalgic a bit and meeting new friends. Now it’s back to Hongkers. Thanks one and all.

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