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Kumano Kodo

Wayfinding to the trailhead

by Craig Mod

Kudoyama — The expectation is that we don’t speak Japanese. The expectation is we’re from somewhere else — always elsewhere, never nearby. We’re from somewhere else and we’ll barely be able to communicate. We see this manifest as fear in their eyes in the approach. Not fear of our approach itself, but fear of difficult communication. And so it begins with them shouting, worriedly, in broken English as we wa...

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Holy Places, Kumano Kodo

A wall of hinoki

by Craig Mod

Ise — The fence you see is wood hewn from hinoki1. This hinoki fence glowed. It was unnaturally smooth to the touch. The sort of smooth you want to take your face to, to push your cheek against and close yo...

Kumano Kodo, Views from a window

All morning, a village in fog

by Craig Mod

Nachikatsuura — These are my criteria, he said: First, we must be physically high. High up on some perch where the good energy flows. High enough so there is something to look down upon. High enough so that when you...

Kumano Kodo, Rivers, Travel

To the boat

by Craig Mod

Shingu — The stapled packet explained the region in elegant robot-translation poetry: Mountains upon mountains, deep and steep, since the times of ancient times, the Kii Mountain Range has been considered...

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