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Handwritten, Letters

(Letter) Writing Club

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — Note: For this week’s Working Draft, I decided to use the time to write postcards to some people I promised to write, and well, decided to use the postcards to freewrite (and freedraw?) this moment, too. I got Dani to attend this one (yay!) Of course, as people started writing and the room got quiet, I remembered that I wanted to get this down so I snapped a picture of the pretty House Industries...

Letters, Dead Letter

Dead Letter#2: Names

by Shu Kuge

Tokyo — Many dead letters are sent from prison:

Terrorism, Life, Letters

An overdue reply to a letter, lingering 150+ days on, prompted by another Hi moment.

by Charlie Grosso

New york — Dear Daniel, Your last email has been sitting in my inbox for 150 days. The preciousness of our friendship makes me wait —- holding off on a reply until I have something real to say until there are ...

Letters, Type, Calligraphy

Learning letters

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — The teacher passes by to look at my work. “Oh, I like that one! You’re doing well,” she says, pointing to the V on the second line. She must’ve forgotten that it was the sample V she had written out ...

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