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Hipster hobo mode

by Christine Herrin

Tokyo — It was an empathy test of sorts.1 See, a few hours before, I had gotten really sick on an overnight bus from Osaka.2Reeeaaaally sick. Sick enough to warrant an unplanned stop, several embarrassed bows from me, and our bus conductor pulling out his phone with Google Translate. We have break now. You need help? it said. (Aww.) I nodded and managed to hobble off the bus before sprinting in the snow...

Libraries, research, productivity

Perhaps there are days you're just not meant to get anything done!

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — I tried. I really tried. I even got up at 6 a.m.! (Okay, snoozed. 7 a.m.) Playing catch-up with thesis research things. Currently sitting in the Main Library. First of all, I’ve brought everything ...

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The Best Desk

by Danielle Ellen

New york — Some people like to be in the thick of things: a large reading room, bright windows with views, readers all around, the sound of pages turning, typing fingers, a cough. Not me. For me the best desk i...

Libraries, Books, dublin

The Old Library, Trinity College, Dublin.There is something beautiful about an old library like this.(My first sketch!)

by Paul B

Dublin — Dublin college. In high school my love affair with libraries began. School was too boring, I felt like it took up a lot of time but wasn’t helping me to learn anything interesting. So I spent my spar...

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