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Inside the newly renovated Picton Reading Room.

by Paul B

Liverpool — The picture here was taken in the ‘Picton Reading Room’ of Liverpool’s recently renovated Central Library and features a bust of Sir James Picton, who campaigned to have the library built and be the first electrically lit library in the UK. All way back in 1860. It’s a beautiful place to spend some time, the kind of room where the slightest movement becomes an audible ripple and then tidal wave o...


Library in the afternoon. The quiet.

by Misha Berveno

Vancouver — I come here daily. I don’t have an office - I don’t need one. I go up to the 6th floor and find a seat by the window. The workday begins. Every day is different: sometimes I write code, sometimes I w...

library, Books, Six Day War

Reading on a rainy day: Days of Dust by Halim Barakat

by Samantha Harrington

Chapel hill — “‘You’re a Muslim!’ ‘No, I reject and am rejected. I am not a believer, but not an atheist either.’ ‘You’re a communist?’ ‘No, but not a capitalist.’ ‘You’re a rightist?’ ‘No.’ ‘You’re a leftist...

Random Thoughts, library

My second home.

by Andrea Flores Hernández

Santa cruz de la sierra — This library is ubicated at L’alliance Française-Goethe Zentrum where I study french. After my journalism’s classes, I always, always go to the library. I go from 6pm until it is hour for my french cl...

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