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Travel, friendship, Life of an Artist

A mirrorball of long friendships, a fishbowl of harsh reflections.

by John McAlester

Steamboat springs — It’s difficult not to feel like I’ve been running in place for a decade. The people in my life who once seemed like they were on some distant, and not very interesting, path are now brushing by me re...

Art, drawing, Life of an Artist

"There is nothing worse than a waste of talent." 20 years later my best friend's father's words still haunt me. I do not want to disappoint.

by Crystal Sullivan

Augusta — When I was a senior in art school I got engaged. I was 22. Instead of congratulations my professor looked squarely into my eyes and asked, “Will you ever create art again?” I thought his question was...

Life of an Artist, painting, Artist Studios

Spraypaint fumes and a cheese sandwhich and 36 little paintings.

by elle luna

San francisco — The dog sat on the floor under the easel. She stared at me. I leaned over and placed the first piece of paper on the table. The paper was from Florence. A whole box of it that I bought ten years ago ...

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