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London, stairs, light

There's nothing quite like a bit of lovely light.

by Dan Rubin

London — I was on my way to meet some friends for coffee and a chat in London on Friday, walking up the stairs on the West side of London Bridge after exiting the Underground at Monument, when a patch of stunning light appeared. I was so excited by it that when I turned and continued my ascent after snapping this image, I bounded up the stairs with such speed I nearly knocked a woman over as she turned the...

light, Traditions, Friends

Flying lanterns and floating candles

by Nidhi Dagur

Chiang mai — Yi Peng and Loy Krathong festivals are two separate festivals celebrated in Thailand that usually overlap and whose names are often used interchangeably. My understanding is that although they both ce...

Architecture, light, Art

London Underground's latest pedestrian tunnel

by Adrian Tribe

London — This morning on my way in to work I went to check out the newest of London Underground’s pedestrian tunnels, which has just opened below St Pancras and King’s Cross stations. I descended from the hub...

light, Beautiful Light, bridge

Quality of Light

by David Wade Chambers

Melbourne — It’s not unusual for members of the Hi community to rave about the quality of light they experience in some corner of the planet. I’ve seen light described as ‘wonderful’, ‘wistful’, ‘beautiful’, ‘s...

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