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Today's Walk

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — It’s heading toward 38C (100F) this afternoon, so best to get today’s walk out of the way early. Pictured is the Split Point Light seen from the Cliff Top Walk. Since walking is supposed to help keep old folks alive, I am glad to be living in a place that has beach walks, cliff walks, forest walks, and waterfall walks. But to be honest, most days, we just walk down our own road under the wires...

lighthouse, Colonial, local

All lighthouses have red caps, don't they?

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — When I first saw Adrian Tribe’s take on the proper lighthouse, I thought, oh, our Adrian is showing just a tad of colonialist mentality: telling us “exactly how a light house should look”. But then I ...

history, lighthouse

Further to the lighthouse debate...

by Shay Darrach

Toronto — Earlier in the month, I ventured over to the Toronto Islands to find the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. I had been meaning to for a while, and not just because there’s a Toronto Dreams Project postcard t...

lighthouse, Dorset

Another 'proper' lighthouse

by Adrian Tribe

Portland — Last year there was a bit of light-hearted banter between a few of us on Hi about the correct colour for lighthouses. I started it with this post, in which I stated that IMHO a lighthouse should alwa...

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