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lighthouse, Colonial, local

All lighthouses have red caps, don't they?

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — When I first saw Adrian Tribe’s take on the proper lighthouse, I thought, oh, our Adrian is showing just a tad of colonialist mentality: telling us “exactly how a light house should look”. But then I ...

Market, Food, local

I turned the corner and there it was: the morning market. Goods from the hills, fields and Mekong popped onto the street, a surprising abundance.

by Timi Siytangco

Luang prabang — The rows of tropical fruit were six-deep. Some fruit were so familiar I knew them primarily by their Tagalog names, which is how I learned them in school. Here were atis, earthy green, evenly lumped,...

stone, Architecture, environment

Local Stone

by David Wade Chambers

Telluride — Stone is a fundamental reference point for the concept of fixity: set in stone, permanent, immovable. Yet from ancient times humans have been carting heavy stone from place to place. The Inka trans...

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