485 words by 3 writers in Leigh-on-Sea, Kerry & Melbourne

Stories filed under Longing

Prose, Ireland, Autumn

Last autumn, I saw you from the woods.

by Evan Payne

Kerry — It wasn’t cold, I can remember no scarf, and my hands weren’t shaking as I took the photograph. The trees were all around changing colours, and their mood infected my own as I watched your windows fo...

Love, Loss, Longing

The person that I lost made me my best and my worst. The kind of romance reserved for Sunday TV Specials. It was temporary, as all best things are

by Elisa Adams

Leigh-on-sea — In the aftermath of St Valentine’s Day…For it is an aftermath of deflated balloons, discarded wrappers and wilted flowers I have been thinking about one person who I have loved and lost. It is stra...

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