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Happy (belated) birthday, L.A.

by Donovan Bui

Los angeles — I don’t remember exactly when I started to really, I mean, really, like LA. It wasn’t during college, I’m positive, when telling others “I’m hanging out in LA this weekend” meant I also had to be casual about it because otherwise how could I look cool? If it didn’t happen in college, then it definitely didn’t happen during grad school, because to be honest, being surrounded by a small cohort of in...

los Angeles, Burgers, Fast Food

The Original

by Maria Sipin

Los angeles — I can attest to the realness of postprandial somnolence a.k.a. food coma. Post-recreational bike ride on a warm July 4th afternoon I craved a chili cheeseburger from the legendary Tommy’s. I hadn’t ea...

los Angeles, Native American Legends, Palm Springs

A hike through Tahquitz Canyon to a trickling waterfall in the middle of the desert.

by Gibran Perrone

Los angeles — Go early in the morning to avoid a beating from the hot sun. Stroll leisurely along the dusty trail through the Cahuilla Indian canyon and discover some of their history. Stop to study the faded rock ...

California, los Angeles, fOMO

It was warm all day in the fourteen-karat gilded light, so warm it eventually immobilized you, and laid you out on the couch feeling your vitality draining.

by Chelsea Batten

Monterey park — But there seemed to be plenty of time still, the light showed no sign of dimming anytime soon. Then, through the south-facing window, you see the skyline has put out a dirty ombre rag, and you can se...

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