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drawing, Memories, Loss

I remember

by Sanna Karlsson

Damascus — They were in a cardboard box in my mothers basement, thrown together with a rubble of things that once had held meaning to me but now seemed irrelevant: various books and articles I’d saved from my days at the university, an ugly wooden mask that a friend bought me from some tourist trap in Tanzania, a red Chinese jewellery box with little trinkets in, a small brick (?) and a poster of arabic call...

Loss, Politics, England


by Steve Dearden

Toronto — I am a long way from home, went online to see how England had done in the European Cup game and learnt the terrible news of the attack on Jo Cox MP then, minutes later, her death. This photo taken ye...

Love, Loss, Dreams

I dreamed you were in Argentina

by cgerben

Madison — I dreamed you were in Argentina. Returned for some reason I can’t recall, undoubtedly not related to me or us. But in my mind, it was an opening. This, despite a complete lack of overtures. You, stil...

Grief, Love, Loss

Grow up & get over it

by Elisa Adams

Leigh-on-sea — Here I am…5 years old…being a complete rock star in my school uniform. I used it to make a Father’s Day card for my dad a few years back and last year he brought it back out to place on the mantle...

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