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Love, lost, Prose

What you left behind wasn't me, it was yourself.

by Bren Vermilion

Ardabil — I couldn’t find the right words to explain how much better you can be and how much happier you can become, by believing in good. But you chose leaving instead of believing that you deserve love and peace. You chose to face the history again, and further going down that road. Maybe we are just statues made of our old pain, we don’t try anything new, because it feels safer in the cage we have built ...

Growing Up, Memory, lost

forever in darkness

by Samantha Harrington

Chapel hill — Been playing with watercolors and people. Playing with memory too I guess. Color’s in the past. It streaming behind us, an endless reel of people, places and emotion. I don’t know what comes next....

double Exposure, lost, Travel

A Field Guide to Getting Lost

by Eliza Sarobhasa

Vancouver — “Lost really has two disparate meanings. Losing things is about the familiar falling away, getting lost is about the unfamiliar appearing. There are objects and people that disappear from your sight o...

lost, Heart

Lost in something and something lost.

by Aparna K

Lucknow — It is never easy releasing that part of yourself that loved another soul without actually having to go through the hurt of letting go the hope of something good that might have come out of it. It neve...

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