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Lunch as a time to eat and observe people

by Eduardo Kolberg

Curitiba — In my weekends, I like to go to downtown and discover different places, such as restaurants or coffee shops while I also like to observe people or just walk through the streets looking at buildings. Likely, as the lunch time came, I went to Brooklyn Coffee Shop, a mix of café/bar/restaurant inspired in North American treats that I really like. It is located at Curitiba’s historic neighborhood cal...

birds, lunch, nature

For the birds...

by Engelbert Tizon

Makati — While having lunch, I happened to notice a flock of birds pecking at a half eaten hot dog sandwich left behind on another table. Well, at least the leftovers didn’t go to waste (so to speak). In hin...

People, lunch

Groovy lunch place after errands in Geelong.

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Sometimes the line between cool and interesting, on the one hand, and cluttered and insipid, on the other, is easy to see but hard to define. Anyhow, I liked this place, and the food was lovely and a...

India, lunch, Office

The Tiffin Box in India and having Lunch at Home

by Binu Alex

Ahmedabad — This week I did an Anchor Blast on how lunch at home is almost a luxury for every Indian. The main reason being distance between workplace and home is too far for many. For those who may ponder over g...

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