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Last sunday, at the european elections, a new leftist party has been born in Spain with 5 seats

by Jose Luis Pindado

Madrid — The @15M, a massive demonstration, called the @spanishrevolution now becomes “Podemos”

Street Walks, Madrid, Spain

Oldschool Señor. He is an elegant gentleman in a blue suit with a tissue in the lapel, a well groomed man with a trail of fancy cologne in his wake.

by Jose Luis Pindado

Madrid — Before the metrosexual and hipsterism He was there.

Street Walk, Madrid, Spain

Señora. We know she is a Lady, despite her leopard print sweater.

by Jose Luis Pindado

Madrid — Hi Gregorio Vallejo. This picture was taken in Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid, in the late afternoon.

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