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#100HappyDays, Manhole covers, inner temple

Day 78 #100happydays: Inner temple

by So-Shan Au

London — Quick lunchtime walk to enjoy the sunshine, and back to my old tricks of photographing manhole covers! But when you come across one so beautiful, it has to be photographed! I like the sense of history...

#100HappyDays, Manhole covers, random moments

Day 66 #100happydays: Lightbulb

by So-Shan Au

Surbiton — Eureka! Lightbulb moment! Not quite, but I have to admit that I hadn’t noticed these ‘manhole covers’ in my neighbourhood before. (Are they still manhole covers if they aren’t manhole shaped or sized?...

#100HappyDays, Manhole covers, Holiday

Day 62 #100happydays: Manhole covers

by So-Shan Au

New york — Embracing my geeky side and taking pictures of manhole covers around New York. This one is really beautiful - love the lettering, sunburst and shared geekery on Instagram.

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