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running, marriage

I don't know if this story comes with a happy ending.

by Stephanie Marie

Ankeny — After ignoring two days of panicked, desperate text messages, I finally plucked up the courage to pick up the phone. He didn’t answer his cell phone or his work blackberry, so I tried the home phone. “Hello?” I could hear her wailing in the background hysterically. “Dad. What’s going on?” What followed was an hour— at midnight, mind you— of navigating new territory, of witnessing (hearing) a ...

Santa Fe Style, marriage

Marriage Equality: Santa Fe Style X

by David Wade Chambers

Santa fe — In this municipal courtroom, anyone can get married, even gay people. And Paul and I just did!

marriage, Food

Smoothie ingredients are an absurd amount, but reflections are priceless…

by Stephanie Marie

Greenville — I finally set up my fancy schmancy Ninja blender… which would be quite a nice accomplishment, except it was gifted to me in mid-December (a Christmas present from the parents) and it’s been sitting on...


They threw these pom balls at our wedding.

by Stephanie Marie

Greenville — “I think it’s time for you to throw those out.” It hasn’t been that long, really, since he left for California (god. that’s such a cliche, isn’t it?) and yet it’s been months, maybe even a year, sinc...

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