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Melbourne, flow, Sabbatical

On a slow hunt for a better flow.

by Pat Allan

Melbourne — I’m currently not working - I wrapped up my last planned contract at the end of April, and have deliberately chosen to take a couple of months off to reset before beginning discussions about new oppor...

escape rooms, Melbourne, fun

Evade Reality in One of Melbourne's Escape Rooms

by Margaret Swanton

Melbourne — They put you in a dark room, might even handcuff you, lock the door, and start the clock. That’s it. You have an hour to escape, or else … A little over a year ago no one suspected that escape-rooms ...

Street Art, Melbourne

In the afternoon we paint

by Fletcher Andersen

Melbourne — In the afternoon, we paint. Sometimes the passersby stop to ask questions, other times they meander slowly, watching, having smelt the scent in the air, and - as if we do not notice - quietly snap us ...

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