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The funny thing about depression...

by Elisa Adams

Leigh-on-sea — is that it will always surprise you when the lows hit. A trip to the supermarket isn’t something that should cause panic but then suddenly caught between the avocados and an iceberg lettuce your world crumbles from beneath your feet, breathing is hard and you feel as though you’ll never reach the eggs let alone normal life. Sitting watching a ballet this evening (something which would usually ela...

Depression, Mental Health

What Nobody Tells You About (Debilitating) Depression.

by Sel X

Accra — These days there is a lot of talk about depression everywhere. A lot of campaigns that raise awareness and erode stigma. Campaigns that tell you its okay to feel like this, you’re not alone, there are...

The Past, Disabilities, Mental Health

A Letter to my 15-year old Self

by Mariah Hillis

Saskatoon — Dear 15-year-old self, I know the past few years have been hard, and I know that for a while they are going to get harder. You’ll spend your days locked in either your room or a bathroom stall becaus...

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Some days you make the coffee; some days the coffee makes you...

by Pete Barr-Watson

Paris — Brighton > London > Brighton > Paris > Brighton in 3 days. A whirlwind of buses, tube trains, Monocle cafe, Norwegian Bakery, overground trains, cars, overnight ferries, toll booths, Mon...

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