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Ah, tomatoes!

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — I spent a hot day in the sun transplanting tomatoes in my rooftop garden plot. I thought it would be fun to plant a variety of tomatoes this Spring (with short maturing dates - this being NE Minnesota). I have friends further south with tomatoes that volunteer from season to season. Seeds left on the ground from last year’s spoilage plant themselves each Spring. My friends do nothing more than pi...

Lake Superior, spring, minnesota

Truly we've broken the back of Winter at the western end of Lake Superior.

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — True! we still have flows of ice floating off shore. True! Yesterday as I worked in the garden I experienced 46° while my friends who live further from the Lake enjoyed 86°. Tonight, however, at 2:00 ...

minnesota, Humor, environment

A surreptitious pee?

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — I donned full winter layers and braved 19° F. temperatures to witness the Cornelia glide under the Aerial Lift Bridge. Consider this cautionary tale the Cornelia brings to mind, fellows, if you think...

ecology, minnesota, Lake Superior

No porta-potties this year; a sign we have renounced our foolishness and nature has healed?

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — Not much remains this year of the once huge annual smelt run at this end of Lake Superior. For years these 4 to 9 inch invaders caused a big sensation each spring. Some years residents on Minnesota Po...

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