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I love you, Mom

by Macy Johnson

Normandy park — I was born on August 21, 2003 at 9:00 pm to Christine and Kevin Johnson. They decided to name me Macy Kathleen. I don’t know where the name “Macy” came from, but “Kathleen” was my mom’s grandmother’s ...

Street, Mom, Jim Dandy

a memoir of a Jim Dandy day

by Chris DeBarr

Portland — The culmination of a humorous, ditzy day with my Mom is this photo of… a dinky strip club named Pirate’s Cove on Sandy Blvd. with this gem of a sign, absurdly proclaiming, “Packed with Gluten!” How...

Mom, Family, mother's Day

To my mother, past and present

by Connie Tsang

London — Dear Ma — Though you’ve changed greatly in the last few years, you’re still my good ol’ stubborn mama, and I love ya, woman. I thank you for not only shooting me out into this crazy world but also f...

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