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American dolla-dolla bills: only the best accepted here

by Connie Tsang

Iquitos — I gave the man a whack of U.S. dollar bills. As in most countries that accept American currency, I was expecting a quick exchange, a flip through the stack of 20, a swift writing of a receipt, and bam, I’d be free to explore. But instead came an examination that seemed more thorough than my last dental appointment, and with the particular anxiety that comes with that. There were two other Peruvia...

Hong Kong, money, photography

Where Wealth Sleeps

by Ian Babbitt

Hong kong — Hong Kong’s face, the one it tries hard to present, is one of opulent wealth. That glossy skyline lighting the harbour, those imported European super-cars creeping around tight corners – these are the...

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Yorkshire karma, Manchester vipaka

by Steve Dearden

Manchester — Just before we left our last house I cut the front hedge. As always some of the clippings fell into our neighbour’s garden. Having picked them up I noticed his path was a mess so, as he is virtually ...

Travel, money, tropics

For some reason, just before my senior year began, I threw the greater part of my caution to the wind, and began to spend.

by Chelsea Batten

Roseau — there were certain chemical explanations for this, but i think much was motivated by my eagerness to shake the habits of guilt and absconding-from-self that had ruled my behavior and emotions nearly a...

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