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On the border between Mongolia and China, I waited, staring at the Gobi & the cigarette cartons under my arm.

by Aaron Mackey

Xilinguole meng — I am here because I am an illegal employee in the People’s Republic of China.The idea was to work on the tourist visa while my employer sorted out the paper work for my legal work visa. In the meantime, I had to cross an international border every 60 days. The closest border, Erenhot. I spent my morning negotiating the skepticism of various border guards to allow me in, and promptly back out of, ...

Mongolia, Horses, Statues

Five Sepia Horses

by Sam Wolinski

Dalanzadgad — The hub of “hang out” in this small city is the stadium, and outside is the most magnificent statue I’ve seen in this country: five bronze horses, ready to scatter in five directions. Each is differe...

Travel, Mongolia, Roadtrip

Mongolia is one of the most challenging countries for any road trip. It didn't disappoint this time.

by Bert van Dijk

Ulaanbaatar — We met up with Haldi, our new Mongolian friend over the weekend. He was on the road with us for two days arranging a new air-conditioning for the car. This included a stop at the ‘Car Doctor’, where w...

meat, volleyball, Mongolia

Carrion, carry on.

by Sam Wolinski

Dalanzadgad — I’m still reflecting on a weekend when I became a little more complete. In the mountains outside Dalanzadgad, I observed an entire goat being taken apart, put back together, and consumed by a dozen or...

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