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Mother's Day, 2014

by Mona Nomura

New york — Every year for the past eight years, I’ve written similar blog posts for Mother’s Day. 2014 is exactly the same. Eight years after my Mother’s death, I have nothing new to report, no wisdom to drop, no life changing epiphanies about dealing with grief which sounds somber, but really not. The death of a parent is tricky, but even more, confusing. There is no one magical formula or guideline, step...

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Annual mother's day anxiety...

by Stephanie Marie

Greenville — Here we go—Mother’s Day. I cringe when I log on to social media networks—Facebook is flooded with profile picture changes, status updates, old scanned-in photos of a Mom in short shorts and crazy curl...

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To my mother, past and present

by Connie Tsang

London — Dear Ma — Though you’ve changed greatly in the last few years, you’re still my good ol’ stubborn mama, and I love ya, woman. I thank you for not only shooting me out into this crazy world but also f...

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Mother's Day

by cgerben

San francisco — It was our first Mother’s Day together. And yet our respective mothers were thousands of miles away. But it wasn’t sad. It’s hard to explain. I wasn’t glad we were alone, but tucked into this hidden ...

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