Mount Fuji

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Mount Fuji, Landscape, City views

The first time the Mount Fuji appeared to me, I was filled with emotion.

by Thomas Hardy

Kanagawa — As far as I can remember, I have always been passionate about Japan and its culture. I don’t really know how this passion grew up in me, and maybe one day, I will try to write something about it, I gu...

japan, sunsets, Mount Fuji

Shichiri-Gahama Dusk

by Ben Dimagmaliw

Kamakura — After visiting friends in Hayama, my wife and I felt that the traffic to get home on that long weekend would be too bothersome to deal with and so decided to take the scenic route to the highway by me...

running, Mount Fuji, Landscape

How many amazing views of Mount Fuji can one capture on a single trail run?

by Paul Baron

Yamanakako — After having run a couple of the 13 sections of the 161km-long UTMF1 race course, I’d say that one can capture a beautiful view of the iconic mount every three kilometres, making it 53 views of Mt. Fu...

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