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The Icing on the Kleingartenkolonies Cake

by Tanja P

München — Hi. As a kid, I loved construction and I loved miniature. I would make miniature tents from straws (for bears, because apparently bears slept in straw beamed tents). I was never into dolls, courtesy o...


Small devotions.

by Alex Trisnayuda

Munich — There are times where I wish I could live in Japan, just so I could enjoy finding small shrines on street corners, like the ones from となりのトトロ, or 夏目友人長. Only now I’ve realized, that I can have a simil...


Gone forever.

by Alex Trisnayuda

Munich — Looked up just now from my workspace and saw Tobi’s Kitchen. Ran to the window to make sure it’s not Baby Jane. It really is not Baby Jane. Eversince I moved to Munich about a year ago I’ve restarte...

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