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by Yiling Ding

Tokyo — “Overwhelming” can mean so many different things. Lately, when asked about how my new job, my new apartment, this new chapter in my life is going, all I can say is, “Overwhelming!” I’m not unhappy. ...

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Wherever this leads me

by Luis Mendo

Tokyo — In the first day of my new life I left the house despite the bad weather and went out for a walk. A long walk into an unknown part of town. Somehow as if trying to accentuate the change my life is goi...

New Life

My Easter started on Ash Wednesday as it once did as a young son to not so young but equally Loving and very Catholic parents...

by David Jazzy Dawson

Leigh-on-sea — …may they both rest in peace! For Lent I decided to give up my most favourite of tipples, red wine… I thought it would be easy, I held no idea as to where this journey would lead me, I thought it...

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