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Holidays, New Years 2013

I'm proud to say that this year, I'm a total cliche.

by Stephanie Marie

Greenville — Out of all my New Years Eves, this one was pretty mild. No tequila shots laced with hot sauce, no games of pass the champagne bottle, no cigars and throwing up. No tears and fights with mom. No rollicking dance parties, no grimy bars, no kissing someone at midnight. There were none of the familiar faces from the past few years— from my married life— no family, no old friends. Although I donned a...

new year resolution, New Years 2013, location

a minor glitch just derailed my train of thought

by Vivien Leung

Toronto — This post was originally meant to be about burning off my baggages, sorrows, betrayals, tears, and egos that dragged me down to my lowest in 2013. That train of thought got hijacked when Tokyo showed...

Prose, New Years 2013

Steam whistles!

by Kristen Taylor

New york — As the year ends, so it begins. The day before New Year’s Eve - a point in the season when any day of the week might be a holiday - I had a message from a friend I had not seen in years. He was drivi...

New Years 2013

new year's eve in south west London.

by Matthew Hawn

Richmond — doing a little work to get ready for what is sure to be a very busy 2014. trying to remember that choosing what to NOT do next is the most important part of my creative process.

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