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right wing politics, media, Newspapers

Hey, Big Spender!

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — The Herald Sun, Rupert Murdoch’s Melbourne tabloid, is the highest-circulating daily newspaper in Australia with a readership of well over a million. Perhaps this front page headline (and lurid illus...

Travel, drawing, Newspapers

The Rickshaw Driver

by Boris Pink

Hampi — When I was about to start the day with a tasty chai and some local newspaper, I was shocked to the core to see a detailed, fully colored photo of a man whose limbs were spread all across the street. I...

drawing, Travel, Newspapers

The girl and the truck driver

by Boris Pink

Pokhara — “Never will I forget the sight of her pink toenails,” a Nepalese doctor wrote in a newspaper article1, “and this is about what is wrong in our country: “Last friday a girl was brought to our hospital...

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