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tokyo, Night walks, City lights

The walk home.

by Dan Weinberg

Edogawa-ku — Today I lost my hat. Again. After I lost it the last time, I went back to the same shop in Ueno and bought it for the same 800 yen that I paid the last time. But today, I lost that very hat that I wen...

Prose, Night walks

It's one of those nights.

by Kati Krause

Berlin — One of those nights when you pass a car parked on a bridge and a couple sits inside, kissing. On any other day you might call them old, but tonight no-one is, because it’s one of those nights. One of...

san francisco, Night walks, Windows

A belly full of wine and good friendship before this glowing window stopped me cold on my hushed walk home.

by John McAlester

San francisco — I imagined my exposure spreading like a liquid stain across the back of my jet black jacket. Pacific Heights is the kind of neighborhood where police are called without hesitation when a man in a dark...

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