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Unsilent Night, serenaded by boomboxes

by Taylor Davidson

New york — Unsilent Night is a performance art piece where the audience are the performers. The composition Unsilent Night is distributed to participants (originally as cassette tapes), who are given one of 4 parts of the composition, and then everyone plays their parts simultaneously through boomboxes, speakers, smartphones and more as they walk together throughout the city. It started in 1992 in NYC, and ...

NYC, Art

Art selfie.

by Taylor Davidson

New york — Of course, there’s a sign that says “no photography” next to this piece, which is in the new MOMA Ileana Sonnabend exhibit that will open to the public on the 21st. It’s an interesting piece, polished...



by Taylor Davidson

New york — Big thoughts require big spaces to write them down, sketch them out, consider, discard, expand on, and outline ideas into decisions. Whiteboards are great places for that process to happen. Have you ...

Food, restaurants, NYC

Sugarfreak: Restaurant Review

by June Howell

New york — If you’re like me, and you just returned to New York from New Orleans where you ate gumbo everyday for a week because you love gumbo so much, Sugarfreak is a lovely godsend. You will be hard-pressed t...

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