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Private Space, Observed, Prose

Lakshmi visits in the morning, before the sun wakes up, one must clean and prepare for Lakshmi's visit.

by celine semaan vernon

New york — Waking up before the sun rises to grind coffee, prepare the family breakfast and meditate while doing repetitive tasks such as scrubbing the bath, or cleaning the sink. This is what I do sometimes. I have to say, I love doing that. I clean my home, myself, with love and respect. During these moments, I welcome the good spirits, I erase the past by cleaning what’s left out of yesterday’s plates. Wh...

Observed, Private Space, Prose

Moon Inside

by celine semaan vernon

New york — This isn’t the real moon. This moon inside. Keeps me awake. While I lay here trying to end this day, the light reminds my brain that it is okay to wander. At night, when everyone is alseep, it is th...

Observed, Food

Mankoucheh is lebanon's equivalent of the bagel cream cheese. It's my comfort food.

by celine semaan vernon

New york — My friend Fady says “There is very little arab presence in New York.” So when he heard about the pop up shop attached to Blue Bottle Coffee on Kenmare and Bowery he went there to check it out. When he...

Observed, marathon, running

Never thought a marathon was inspiring before.

by celine semaan vernon

New york — Today NYC stopped doing what it normally does. (Sunday 10 am.) We were waiting to cheer our friends running the NYC Marathon. 5 bouroughs: 42.195 km or 26.219 mi and over 45K runners. To me this was ...

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