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Finding the familiar in every time zone

by Rian van der Merwe

Newcastle upon tyne — I woke up confused. I lay still for a few moments as my mind went into free-fall; a mild panic setting in as it reached out in all directions for some straw of reality to grab onto. The first solid thought appeared as a recognition of how familiar the confusion felt. “Yes,” I realized, “this is jet lag — I must be in a different country.” From there I took my time to connect the dots. I arrived ye...

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Day 23 #100HappyDays: Unplugged

by So-Shan Au

Surbiton — I left the house in a rush and forgot my phone. And then my camera card decided to give me an ‘error message’ so I couldn’t take a photo all day. It felt quite liberating not to be in ‘plugged’ in. I...


The robot keeps watch over me.

by Kinley Borden

Ewing township — Ahhh, my work space, awash with the glow of the screen. I keep a toy robot atop the tower as a reminder to take none of this (art direction) too seriously. -He- can be a bit intimidating but I negated...

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Where I invented an olympic sport, amongst other things...

by Paul B

Bootle — I used to have a job working for the government. I say “working” for… That is somewhat of an overstatement. Let’s just say I had a lot of down time. The picture is of one small section of a filing r...

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