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On a walk, Edibles

Chinatown is so fascinating. What on earth are all these dried, shriveled things filling up baskets and bags up and down the streets?

by Rose Matsa

New york — In any case, my little trip yielded two avocados, a bag of red grapes, and a box of Chinese rice cakes. The latter I’d never tried before; they are really good. Perhaps next time I’ll go for something a bit more adventurous.

#100HappyDays, past times, On a walk

Day 68 #100HappyDays: Rick Pond

by So-Shan Au

East molesey — A glorious sunny and hot day today. I went on a three mile walk with my sister exploring our local area along the river: first into Kingston, across the bridge, and to Hampton Court. We took a detour ...

A day in the life, On a walk

I left work tonight chasing a sunset. The sky was beautiful and I had to find the source.

by Carl Holscher

Washington — I left work today and the sunlight was beautiful. I saw the golden rays fall across the Capitol Building so I had to follow it. I walked to the National Mall and was rewarded for my troubles through t...

City Walk, On a walk

Then you get off the high street and the names of the establishments become more cutesy, the graphics brighter, and freshly painted.

by Lester X

San francisco — As one does on a nice sunny day you strap a bag to your back and find the longest road in this new city you are exploring - and run it. That’s if you are a runner. If you’re a temporary runner/ jogge...

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