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Onsens, landscapes, mountains

Naked and Outside

by Dan Weinberg

Kijimadaira-mura — I think I have a new favorite thing in Japan - the Rotenburo. It means “outdoor bath,” and refers to an outdoor onsen, or hot spring. I’d been in a onsen before, but it was inside, and I was honestly...

Public Baths, japan, Onsens


by Dallas Sanders

Kita-ku — It’s in the mountains north of Kobe. It took an hour and a half to get there. There was snow and a big moon above. We got to sit outside with our tops freezing and our bottoms toasty. Onsens (hot spri...

Nozawa Yoga, Onsens, Public Bathing

Public onsen roofs

by Craig Mod

Nozawaonsen — I bathed under that beautiful roof. The yuruyu (ゆる湯) or, gentle water, into which I had dipped myself was anything but gentle at 44℃. Not to say it wasn’t comforting or warming — it was — but it was ...

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