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Artifacts from the road

by Colin Wright

Chicago — I travel for a living, and as such, have acquired a rich collection of friends who also travel all the time, frequently, or with reckless abandon in the rare moments they’re able to sneak away for a bit. You would think this would give them insight into my possession situation: namely, that I don’t own many. Only what I can carry with me. Without checking luggage. And yet every time I return hom...

Trip, Packing, backpack

Ready, set...

by Paul B

Liverpool — Just getting prepped for my trip from Liverpool to The Pacific coast of Mexico. Every trip I tell myself “this time I will only take the bare minimum, follow the travel light go fast idea…” But with...

Packing, departures

Shifting Possessions: Moving Along 

by Peter Morgan

Singapore — I’ve got to shift apartments and pack for an extended summer trip to Canada, with a wilderness canoe trip in the midst. This brings out all sorts of thoughts: anticipation of joy, sadness at leaving a...

Packing, Leaving a town behind, Saying Goodbye

It is that time of the year, again!

by Arushi Chopra

New delhi — Last year I got the best opportunity yet, to move out and study in a different city. I returned home this summer to visit at first and then I ended up interning here itself. And somehow, as cliched as...

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