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Pain, Anatomy, Resolution

It started yesterday as a twinge, a small hint of pressure --

by Johnny Linnert

Tokyo — You know, where the furthest extent of your jaw bone connects with your skull. This time it pulled me into a brisk and hazily sunlit room at daybreak. The electric pulsations had migrated closer to my temple. With x-acto blade precision they struck with the rhythm of my heartbeat. I laid there amongst the warmth of down comforters, terry-cloth pillows, and the heat of another in slumber — an ot...

Morning, Pain, Homes

Early autumn, mist consumes the SkyTree.

by Johnny Linnert

Tokyo — The shag carpet itched and left indentations on my face as I slowly lifted my head from the floor. So as not to pull a trapezius muscle, I slowly, carefully pulled myself up to the window hazily lit b...

Pain, abandonment, adopted

The joy of seeing your bio mom for the first time, and the pain.

by Elena Hazzard

Bend — I held the phone in my hand, her voice coming in over the speakers in crackly silence. “Hello?” She asked. My voice wavered. “Hi, this is Elena.” I said, and she gasped. We hadn’t talked for ten years...

Love, Pain, friendship

The ultimate sacrifice. When someone finds out they are hurting you and they let you go, it means they care.

by Henk Holveck

West hollywood — The ultimate sacrifice. I knew you for exactly one month, I hope that something I said through my sensitive words will help you along your path of life. I wish nothing but a beautiful life for you. ...

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