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Spraypaint fumes and a cheese sandwhich and 36 little paintings.

by elle luna

San francisco — The dog sat on the floor under the easel. She stared at me. I leaned over and placed the first piece of paper on the table. The paper was from Florence. A whole box of it that I bought ten years ago when I studied there. I liked the textured deckled edges and the heafty weight of each cold pressed sheet. Shortly after laying down one piece of paper, there were four. Then nine. Then 24. Then 36. ...

Moments, painting, Friends


by Sanna Karlsson

Örebro — It was in the middle of the summer. The weather was warm and humid like a hot breath, but really fickle. That day old friends had come from out of town. We’d found a pub that had opened up their slidi...

Art, War, Middle East

An added bonus of having a wife that attends art school, are art swaps.

by Aidan Rasmussen

Wellington — We think this artist is going to be famous. I guess it doesn’t matter what we think. Whether someone becomes well known and successful is not up to us, but I do like Negin Dastgheib’s paintings, the n...

Art, photography, painting

oh thou great white wall! how many ways may my eyes gaze upon thee?

by Daniel Chow

Philadelphia — at least 9 ways.

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