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Parenting, Coffee

Sometimes I say things like "this cup of coffee saved my life" and people think I'm joking.

by Rian van der Merwe

Cape town — Like most parents with young kids, every day is an early start for me. Even so, 4:45am feels a little excessive. And that’s what time today started. To make matters even more… challenging… my wife and her sister was on a much-needed weekend away, so I was solo parenting. I couldn’t even resent her for it, because it really was a long time coming, and they’ve been planning the getaway for month...

Goodbyes, Sadness, Parenting

The saddest Narita of them all.

by Luis Mendo

Tako — Every time I’ve come to Narita airport from Tokyo, it has been a sad trip. The perspective of leaving this megapolis that feels like my cute little hometown, has always made me cry. Many of the times ...

Parenting, motherhood, Love

Watching angels dream

by Crystal Sullivan

Augusta — I live for these beautiful, ordinary moments. Nestled in my bed are two precious angels: my daughter and son. They are curled up in sunlight and blankets, their golden hair wild on the pillows. Tangl...

Dad, Alzheimers, Parenting

This is my dad. He has Alzheimer's.

by Paul B

Southport — I want to use this last post on Hi, to share with you three lessons he’s taught me. He’s at times difficult and troublesome, cheeky and silly. But I feel like I know him more now than I ever have prev...

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