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[little things]

by Grace Cha

Glendale — My dad ran out to the garden tonight to bring these to my mom. He still got it. It’s easy to forget how old our parents are getting. Going to start spending more time with them so we can get to know each other better. I love them so much.

Food, Parents

Waiting for the egg to cool down...

by Chloe Tseung

Fuzhou — “Argh!!!” Mom screamed as she let go of the pearl-color boiled egg from her hand to the dinning table. “It’s burning hot!” she said. Curious, I touched it quickly with my index finger to test how h...

Paques, Gateaux, Parents


by Nisan Gogo

Les mureaux — Nous sommes allés diner chez mes parents, le ton est monté autour de ces sablés à l’anis1. Alors qu’ils étaient faits. C’est peut être sa façon de communiquer. Je ne la comprendrai jamais. Il m’a égal...

Parenting, Parents, Feminism

A Blunt and Slightly Opinionated Guide To Parenting

by Adeline Hawthorn

Chandler — As a child, I absolutely worshiped my parents. I thought they were gods. Then I became a teenager and realized why everyone hates teenagers. Teenagers are essentially irresponsible and impulsive adult...

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