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#100HappyDays, Film Set, parklife

Day 62 #100HappyDays: The film set

by So-Shan Au

London — Lunchtime walk around Regent’s Park and spotted this film crew. I wonder what they are filming. The sun was shining and there was a glimpse of summer and warm weather - I can’t wait!

Pedestrians, Travel, parklife

'Should old acquaintance be forgot ...'

by So-Shan Au

Shanghai — Dancers in Fu Xing Park, Shanghai, dancing to a Chinese version of Auld Lang Syne. A late afternoon stroll in the park to clear my head after a busy day at work.

#100HappyDays, Regent's Park, parklife

Day 97 #100HappyDays: Coots in a line

by So-Shan Au

London — My regular Monday lunchtime walk around Regent’s Park, chatting and laughing. Spotted this funny sight by the boating lake - coots all in a line, looking like they were in the starting line up for a r...

#100HappyDays, parklife, Regent's Park

Day 83 #100HappyDays: Geese crossing

by So-Shan Au

London — My regular weekly lunchtime walk around the park with good friend and colleague. We had to stop to allow a family of geese. And the collective noun for a group of geese on land is gaggle or flock. And...

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