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Parks, Today's Walk

Walk in the park, she thought.

by Kristen Taylor

New york — There was an hour left of sunlight. The paved walks were crusty snow at the end of a long winter, and they sat in the tunnel as he poured most of a fifth of gin into two bodega juices. The drink was a prop, one more thing to balance as they walked. The drink was a way to introduce a conversation about not wanting children with the girlfriend of four years who left for the Middle East after they br...

Brooklyn, Parks

Sitting near Wisdom and Felicity. 

by Kristen Taylor

New york — There is an inexorable force that pulls me into the oval. Placed here in 1866 by Calvert Vaux, before the memorial arch of soldiers and sailors crowned with Lady Columbia on her chariot, before the Ar...

Musical Instruments, Parks, mexico

A musical oasis in the middle of the park.

by Priscila Princigalli

Mexico city — I walked around the city on my day off to find all the pianos on display by Toca Conmigo, an outdoors piano exhibit created by Luke Jerram. The Gold Piano at Casa del Lago is completly mesmerazing but...

Parks, gardens

Shinjuku Gyoen 新宿御苑

by Héctor García

Tokyo — Shinjuku Gyoen is probably my favorite garden/park in Tokyo. It combines almost everything you need to make it the perfect place for a long refreshing walk, to chill out on the grass, to take pictures...

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