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Pokemon Go, party

10 hours later

by Alan Wen

Fairfield — Weed may have been relaxing but 4 hrs of sleep + alcohol and weed is not exactly fun. Best 10 hrs of sleep I had in a long time but it also kept me down for a quarter of the party. Fair trade I guess. Ah well. No hangover tho so I couldn’t have been that bad. Looks like I missed the Pokemon Go event. Well guess I’ll spend today cleaning and preparing for mum’s birthday tomorrow.

Weed, party

Rip of da bong

by Alan Wen

Miller — Weed… Aite. Jd and coke is nice. Together tho. Sleeping drug right there. Very sleepy actually.


How to Prepare the Best Party Ever

by Jane Wilson

Melbourne — Everybody would like to go to a nice party and forget about all the problems in the everyday world for a while. Going to different parties is what makes our lives a little more interesting. When you g...


Out All Night

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — Dance the night away. I went into the bar to have my phone fully charged before heading back to my home in Taipo. I had just finished a nice little hike. I had my backpack and camera with me. I was d...

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