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Beginnings, Passion, reflection

Maybe it's not about...

by Sara

Coledale — …finding your passion but finding out what you enjoy doing it, be good at it and make a living. I’ve been on a quest in search of my passion. For the past four years, I’ve been living a life that I didn’t want. It’s a life that I kind of fell on because of necessity, sheer convenience or happenstance. But nothing that I designed or wanted as such. And it has changed me and I don’t think I’ll ev...

Self, Love, Passion

There's Gotta be More

by AJ

Brandon — Had I been able to convince myself sooner that self love is an essential asset to everything in life, I may have saved myself from a lot of unnecessary sorrow. I have spent my whole life putting othe...

Cooking, Passion, Home-cooked meals

What is the secret? (Lara Ong)

by Jill Tang

Hong kong — I was in Hong Kong two weeks ago to spend my long overdue holiday which was desperately needed. As much as I love my city, its hustling and bustling lifestyle can sometimes be too much, and eventually...

social Entrepreneur, fashion, Passion

Reviving Artisanal Skills (Rinnie Wiryo)

by Jill Tang

Shanghai — I met Rinnie about two years ago at a friend’s event in Shanghai. My first impression of her was an active, beautiful mom-to-be whom still enjoyed going out and socializing with her girlfriends. I tho...

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