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Home is where the rabbit feels relaxed.

by Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko

Tokyo — Being born in one country, growing up in another, and now living in a third, people often ask me: where do you feel home is? It’s quite simple. Home is wherever Comrade Bunny feels comfortable enough to relax. If it’s home enough for the little dude, it’s home enough for me!


The dog briefly known as Carrot.

by Zoelle Egner

San francisco — What you have to understand is that I’ve never had a proper pet. Childhood happened in a string of rented houses where animals were impossibilities, forbidden by unseen landlords probably concerned wi...

pets, medicine

Bats are assholes.

by Laura Brady

Caledon — My husband and I were sitting up reading in bed, at 11:30 pm two nights ago. We were chatting when he suddenly started to swat the air like there was a bug. It wasn’t a bug. It was a bat. In my bedro...

pets, cats

And so our lives have been changed

by Claudine Rodriguez

Makati — I don’t think I’ve ever legitimately owned a pet in my life. I had Mark the Goldfish when I was in third grade, but he never stayed for long. We put him in one of those expensive glass pitchers becau...

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