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Philosophy, Thoughts, farewell

Everlasting Constants

by Ricardo Magalhães

Berlin — This is, unfortunately, likely to be the last post I’ll be writing, since I believe it’s soon to be shut down for submissions. But sad as this may appear at first, there is always a romantic view to it. As with every other aspect of (and in) life, there’s romance to be found when suddenly our minds are impregnated with the reminder of impermanence. The good things and the bad things, they al...

Life, Philosophy

He said. She said.

by Mona Nomura

Tokyo — “People are used to building an ideal world in their brains. The reality is usually too unbearable. If you imagine a one-axis distribution, you have people who try very hard to build a coherent pictur...

Philosophy, Family, religion

The Permanence of Impermanence

by Ricardo Magalhães

Berlin — It was our fourth and last day together in the city. After so long, my parents had finally found time in their life and hearts to visit me in Berlin. After several hours of intense sightseeing, I had ...

Vacation, Philosophy

Things learned while in Tulum

by Lia Pas

Tulum — After three months of wearing boots and socks, do not wear flip flops on my first exploration of town. Even if it is raining. Pack antibiotic ointment next time. Leather softens more quickly than blis...

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